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  • What is the difference between a classifier and a model? Machine

    Essentially, the terms classifier and model are synonymous in certain contexts; however, sometimes people refer to classifier as the learning algorithm that.

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  • Classification Algorithms in Machine Learning Data Driven

    Nov 7, 2018 . Classification is technique to categorize our data into a desired and distinct number of classes where we can assign label to each class.

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  • To Trust Or Not To Trust A Classifier

    May 30, 2018 . While the bulk of the effort in machine learning research has been towards . The standard approach is to use the classifier's discriminant or.

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  • Machine Learning Classifiers Towards Data Science

    Jun 11, 2018 . Classification is the process of predicting the class of given data points. Classes are sometimes called as targets/ labels or categories.

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  • Statistical classification

    In machine learning and statistics, classification is the problem of identifying to which of a set of categories (sub populations) a new observation belongs, on the.

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